Which iPhones have wireless charging?

Updated on 2 August 2023

Using a wireless charger for the iPhone offers many advantages, but which iPhones are they compatible with? Find out in this article which iPhones feature wireless charging.

The advantages of wireless chargers

Induction chargers, more commonly known as "wireless chargers,” are nowadays perfect solutions to charging your refurbished iPhone. They’re super practical because they do not have cables that get damaged overtime. What's more, you only have to put your iPhone on the cradle for it to charge, which is a real time saver when you only have sockets behind a sofa or a bed (and you have to work hard to get to them!).

What is Qi wireless charging?

iPhones are compatible with Qi-certified chargers, a universal standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The details of how the technology works isn’t very important, but what you should know is that Qi chargers will work with any iPhone that can run the latest version of iOS. They’re usually not as fast as the fast-charge 15W rates you can get with a cable. In fact, usually you are limited to around 7.5W. However, wireless charging is a very convenient charging method that’s being used more and more with iPhones.

Which iPhone with wireless charger are available on the market?

iPhone have been compatible with wireless charging since 2017, first being featured in the iPhone 8. Every iPhone since then has come available with Qi charging, namely:

MagSafe Charging vs Wireless Charging

MagSafe is a type of wireless charging that Apple introduced to the iPhone in 2020. Some MacBooks from as early as 2006 have also had MagSafe chargers. However, MagSafe in MacBooks refers to compatibility with a magnetic power cord that detaches when the cable is yanked. 

In the iPhone, MagSafe is basically improved Qi charging. It's still wireless, but it allows for quicker charging thanks to magnets that perfectly align the phone to the charger. In most Qi wireless chargers, you're limited to 7.5W (and that's up to 7.5W since it depends on how well you align the phone to the charger). With MagSafe, you're getting nearly double the charging speed at up to 15W of power. 

MagSafe isn't only limited to charging on the iPhone either. There are many accessories like car mounts, wallets and portable chargers that work through MagSafe. 

However, while wireless charging is available on any iPhone released after iPhone 8, MagSafe is only available in the iPhone 12 Series or newer. So you’ll have to pay more to get the quicker charging speeds and magnetic accessories.

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What is Qi wireless charging?

iPhones are compatible with Qi-certified chargers, a universal standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).


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