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Kwok H.


Reviewed in Australia on 5 December 2023

It is a very good product but the SSD has only 1TB memory, not the 2TB as advertised. Also to start up the computer initially, we need to change the name of the HD from untitled2 back to Macintosh HD before we can download the new OS. Need to tell your clients next time.
MacBook Pro Retina 15.4-inch (2019) - Core i9 - 16GB SSD 2000 QWERTY - English

Overall performance





Purchased on 15 November 2023


Samuel W.


Reviewed in Australia on 13 October 2023

The seller sent me a laptop worth half the price instead, assuming I would accept it. This is terrible customer service and has caused so much hassle because I now have to ship it back.
MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021) - Apple M1 Max 10-core and 32-core GPU - 64GB RAM - SSD 512GB - QWERTY - English

Overall performance





Purchased on 9 October 2023

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