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Refurbished Google pixel

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23 verified reviews in the last 6 months.

  • G

    Geoff E.

    Purchased on 28 February 2024


    This is a replacement for the same phone that I broke. I am thinking of returning it because of the screen. It's obviously been replaced and is not of the same quality as an original. It's much slower when typing and scrolling and the brightness changes itself sometimes. I also think that it isn't quite as large a screen as an original.

    Reviewed in Australia on 10 March 2024

    Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB - White - Unlocked
  • D

    Declan C.

    Purchased on 26 December 2023


    I would say that overall it is a really good phone and i would buy again, but the one downside i experienced (purely cosmetic) is that i didn't receive the obsidian color which I ordered, instead i received the lemon grass color.

    Reviewed in Australia on 11 February 2024

    Google Pixel 7 128GB - Black - Unlocked
  • C

    Cameron W.

    Purchased on 9 January 2024


    Item was received in good condition and no issues so far. There was a bit of a delay with shipping from the supplier end but the BackMarket customer service sorted it out! Will definitely use the service again in future :)

    Reviewed in Australia on 23 January 2024

    Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB - Black - Unlocked
  • Z

    Zachary C.

    Purchased on 29 February 2024


    I'll be honest, the phone I recieved is a bit off. It's still fine, it works, but on the odd occasion it just glitches out on the touch screen and then I can't use it for about four minutes until it calms down. It's like it's registering a finger on the right side of the screen when nothing is there. It's not bad, but it's annoying.

    Reviewed in Australia on 21 March 2024

    Google Pixel 6 Pro 128GB - Black - Unlocked
  • Purchased on 14 May 2024



    Reviewed in Japan on 1 July 2024

    Google Pixel 6a 128GB - ブラック - Simフリー
  • Purchased on 4 May 2024


    Cグレードなのに! めちゃくちゃ綺麗で新品と言われても判らないくらい綺麗で完璧な品! 次、新品買うまでの代用と思ってたのですが、3〜4年また使えそうです😘 1日早く着いたり、色々ブラックですね~…

    Reviewed in Japan on 1 July 2024

    Google Pixel 6 Pro 128GB - ホワイト - Simフリー
  • Purchased on 16 April 2024


    発送も早く、新品同様のような品物が届き大変満足しています。 ただし、Back Marketの対応は最悪でした。私が評価するのはJapan Electronicsさんの方であって、Back Marketは全てが最低評価です

    Reviewed in Japan on 1 July 2024

    Google Pixel 7 256GB - ブラック - Simフリー
  • Purchased on 23 March 2024


    A grade pixel 6 arrived fast. Bought two units and they are in very good condition -- they look new.

    Reviewed in Japan on 1 July 2024

    Google Pixel 6 128GB - ブラック - Simフリー
  • Purchased on 24 January 2024



    Reviewed in Japan on 14 February 2024

    Google Pixel 6a 128GB - ホワイト - Simフリー
  • Purchased on 25 April 2024



    Reviewed in Japan on 1 July 2024

    Google Pixel 6 256GB - ブラック - Simフリー
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