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  • N

    Nishant S.

    Purchased on 9 February 2024


    Super fast delivery and Phone was in superb condition with no scratches or dents of any kind. I would call it brand new if not for the battery which is at 89%, really good for a refurbished phone. 5* service.

    Reviewed in Australia on 27 February 2024

    iPhone 13 Pro 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • G

    Gregory B.

    Purchased on 20 March 2024


    Absolutely brilliant we will purchase with you again and extremely happy with the two refurbished iphone 13 thankyou

    Reviewed in Australia on 20 April 2024

    iPhone 13 128GB - Pink - Unlocked
  • B

    Bruce M.

    Purchased on 17 February 2024


    Pretty good - I bought a "Very Good" white iPhone 13 mini and received a white iPhone 13 Mini with 87% battery health. Unlike a competitor whose name starts with B, who sent me a Blue iPhone 13 Mini with 83% battery health when I ordered a White "As New" phone for over $100 more than I paid Back Market, then sneakily deducted $110 from my purchase price when I returned it after 3 weeks of avoidance, denials and mis-statements - the whole transaction was dishonest on their part to say the least. BackMarket sent me what I ordered and paid for and that's a good start.

    Reviewed in Australia on 8 March 2024

    iPhone 13 mini 128GB - Starlight - Unlocked
  • J

    Jason C.

    Purchased on 10 February 2024


    The iPhone 12 Pro arrived quickly and on time and for good condition it was clean and no sign of sratches. It was packed securely, so it stayed safe during shipping. Getting the phone was easy and trouble-free. Overall, it was a good experience getting the iPhone 12 Pro delivered.

    Reviewed in Australia on 13 February 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • B

    Brittany S.

    Purchased on 20 January 2024


    Phone came quickly and in like new condition with perfect battery health you wouldn't even know it had been used before. This was my first refurbished phone purchase so i was extremely nervous but it was a perfect experience and the warranty provides that extra reassurance. Highly recommend Back Market

    Reviewed in Australia on 4 February 2024

    iPhone 14 Plus 128GB - Starlight - Unlocked
  • R

    Rick M.

    Purchased on 6 April 2024


    I searched on Google and found Blackmarket had the best offer and price Ordering was easy Delivery was very quick I have had my iPhone 14 128GB - Midnight - UNLOCKED for a couple of weeks I am getting used to how it works All seems good and working well so far

    Reviewed in Australia on 1 May 2024

    iPhone 14 128GB - Midnight - Unlocked
  • L

    Laura M.

    Purchased on 19 December 2023


    I ordered/paid for 2 phones at the same time and had a bit of a stuff around with them being posted separately and only wrapped in bubble wrap. Also I had order a BLACK iPhone 12 but received a light green iPhone 12 and being a Christmas no time to return to fix the mistake

    Reviewed in Australia on 4 January 2024

    iPhone 12 64GB - Black - Unlocked
  • L

    Lester H.

    Purchased on 1 January 2024


    I bought the watch so I could see the time at a glance, instead of getting my phone out of my pocket. I had no idea it did so much more (I’m old ok). The extra features have transformed my life. I’m logging my walks, I’m closing my rings, I’m getting competitive with myself, and I never would have entertained the idea of buying an Apple Watch new from a store. Best purchase I’ve made for myself in years!

    Reviewed in Australia on 1 February 2024

    Apple Watch (8th gen) 2022 GPS 41 - Aluminium Midnight - Sport band
  • B

    Bill Z.

    Purchased on 6 January 2024


    BackMarket completely fulfilled all expectations. The refurbished product was excellent, the delivery was rapid, and the simplicity if it all makes it a really easy process.

    Reviewed in Australia on 21 January 2024

    iPhone 13 128GB - Blue - Unlocked
  • S

    Susie C.

    Purchased on 14 March 2024


    In great condition. A few things I don't like and it cant compete with an android watch I had, but this is not your fault, you didn't make it. I certainly like it enough to keep it along with my apple phone also from you. I loveee my apple phone!!

    Reviewed in Australia on 4 April 2024

    Apple Watch () 2022 GPS + Cellular 41 - Aluminium Starlight - Sport band Starlight