Let them buy new this Black Friday. We’ll buy better.

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Black Friday 2023: Tech and electronics deals at up to 50% off! Just like any other day at Back Market.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday… Ruby Tuesday? What’s in a name? A deal by any other name would still be just as sweet. That’s why we make sure that, at Back Market, we have the sweetest deals on iPhones, MacBooks, tablets, tech, you-name-it, running all year round. That’s a promise.

What this means for you is that you can shop any day of the year with us and still find outstanding deals no matter what the holiday – from Festivus to Pi Day. Deals that always come with at least 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What’s Black Friday all about anyway?

Black Friday itself – which is a particularly bad date for the environment we might add – is a day built around a “DEALS, DEALS, DEALS!!!” mindset. Especially in relation to tech and electronics. So, by pushing the so-called “best -deals” for a limited amount of time right around the holidays, retailers aim to drive customers into a “fear of missing out” Black Friday buying frenzy (Yaaay overconsumption!).

So, at Back Market, we want to make Black Friday just another day of the year - by making sure our prices are always the best on the hottest tech and electronics. No matter when you pay us a visit. Not to mention that our tech and electronics are always professionally refurbished, making them more affordable, and much less damaging to the environment than forking out for “brand new”.

When is Black Friday?

This year Black Friday 2023 will fall on November 24. Inspired by the USA, it always falls on the day after Thanksgiving. There are cheap Black Friday offers for a limited time especially on this day. In recent years, the trend seems indicate Black Friday sales are starting earlier each year. From what used to be a week before (also known as Black Friday week), now seems to start at the beginning of November, as practiced by some retailers in Australia. You will find offers and promotions for on all types of products, which are not limited to just smartphones and other technical devices unlike Cyber ​​Monday.

When do Black Friday sales end?

In Australia, Black Friday sales will usually end on the weekend, and then Cyber Monday comes into play and can last for 1 whole week, before stores start promoting Christmas from the beginning of December.